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Our Team



Jason is our fearless leader. He's been in the pawn industry for over 15 years. He is our most cheerful employee, and always happy to help you. 



 In addition to our gunsmith, Brent Prior, we would also like to introduce to you our “Gun Whisperer” and gunsmith,  Jimmie Lee Eskue. Jimmie is a Navy Veteran as well as a Vietnam  Veteran, who has been shooting and fixing firearms since 1970. Between  the two of these guys, there is nothing we can’t fix!
Most repairs can be done same day, unless parts are needed. $40.00 minimum; $70.00 per hour plus the cost of parts, if needed. 



Steve is our most "special" employee. He is fluent in German and happy to help meet any of your needs. He was born in Germany, raised in Ohio and resides in California now. A child of a retired military man. Hes been in the pawn industry for over   10 years. He is a die hard Raiders fan and Ohio State fan.

Our Team



 Many of you have asked about gunsmith, Brent  Prior. Well, HE IS BACK! A lot of you may remember Brent from The  Survival Store. We are proud to announce he is now an employee of  Elsinore Pawn!
Brent was trained professionally and graduated from the Colorado School of Trades in Lakewood, Colorado in 2011.
Stop in and see Brent for all your gunsmith needs!